Braided Fields

I've sent an inquiry to Eugene Parks and Rec to see if there are any fields available to braid this summer.  I welcome suggestions.

Why braid a field? It's a form of cultivation, outdoor physical labor, an agricultural metaphor - yet one more take on the pastoral landscape. The act of lifting and pulling handfulls of grass into waves of plaits is a strangely familiar activity.  Like gardening a big field with no machinery, the braiding feels endless.  It's like regrading a hill with a spoon.  Slowly and steadily I draw lines and waves through the field.  Every inch is touched and altered. Reservoirs of patience and stamina are drained over time.  But once it's complete, and the sunlight shines on it to create constantly shifting shadows across the day, it satisfies a need for order and beauty in a cultivated landscape. The grass continues to grow from the base so braid forms blur over time. It's impermanent but for the photographs.


Looking for a venue

I'm looking for a venue to show my drawings about Chinatown in New York City. The venue does not need to be in New York.  I'd prefer to show it outside of Oregon. There are about 15 drawings. Most are on sheets that are 17" x 22". They are maps and drawings, represented on my website on the Chinatown Invisible page.